(Photo of Great Blue Heron ...) September Bird Walk - Dorothy Carnes Park, East Side

After a few years' absence, we returned to the east side of Dorothy Carnes Park. The east side features a beautiful prairie restoration with many easy trails through it. The prairie was in beautiful bloom. It also supplied interesting birds for us to observe. We checked out the water filled scrapes, the portion of Rose Lake visible from the east, and woods along one side as well as the prairie. There were birds to be seen in all these locations as well as at the public gardens near the entrance. There's a full list of birds seen below.

If you couldn't make this trip and haven't been to the park, it's worth making time to check out the park and its trails. Even when there's an event taking place in the park, the trails tend to be free of crowds and good places to bird.

Note: walkers expressed a desire to have an additional walk this year, next month. After checking schedules the third weekend is free for both Karen and Brad. So, let's have an October walk that weekend, probably on Saturday. As we get closer to the date, we'll send more information.

Special thanks to Karen Etter Hale for the excellent report, below.


Bird list for the September 2022 Walk: Rose Lake SNA/Dorothy Carnes Park--East, Jefferson, Wisconsin, US Sep 17, 2022 8:27 AM - 11:22 AM Protocol: Traveling 1.7 mile(s) Checklist Comments: 68; 100% cloudy; light breeze (start) to 80; partly cloudy; S 10-15 mph (end). Humid. Jefferson-Dodge Birding Walk. Walk counterclockwise loop through prairie, up and back along woods. 5 E. chipmunks. 37 species (+4 other taxa) Canada Goose 10 Flock of 8 flying, one split off on its own. Wood Duck 4 Blue-winged Teal 24 Flocks of 9 and 15 flying. Mallard 5 Mourning Dove 1 Chimney Swift 3 Sandhill Crane 22 Small groups of cranes on the ground, but mostly flying. Killdeer 2 Wilson's Snipe 1 Flying. Greater Yellowlegs 1 Flying and calling. Lesser Yellowlegs 1 Flying and calling. gull sp. 4 Great Blue Heron 3 Turkey Vulture 7 Sharp-shinned/Cooper's Hawk 1 Bald Eagle 1 Adult in tree. Red-tailed Hawk 1 Flying high. Red-bellied Woodpecker 3 Hairy Woodpecker 1 Northern Flicker 1 Empidonax sp. 1 Eastern Phoebe 1 Blue Jay 17 Probably more. American Crow 1 Black-capped Chickadee 4 Tree Swallow 1 At least one amongst the many swallows on wires and flying, too far to id for certain. Barn Swallow 2 At least four amongst the many swallows on wires and flying, too far to id for certain. Some of us saw at least 10 at once. swallow sp. 50 At least this many on the wires, at the gardens, and over the wetland/pond. White-breasted Nuthatch 1 Heard. European Starling 1 Gray Catbird 1 Eastern Bluebird 3 American Robin 2 Cedar Waxwing 25 Or more. House Sparrow 10 American Goldfinch 25 Or more. Lincoln's Sparrow 1 Red-winged Blackbird 3 Common Yellowthroat 1 Palm Warbler 2 Near buildings, on ground. Northern Cardinal 1 View this checklist online at https://ebird.org/checklist/S118994318 This report was generated automatically by eBird v3 (https://ebird.org/home)

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