What We Do and Why We Do It

Theropod Aviary's purpose is to explore the genetics of birds. It was founded for the specific purpose of studying genetics in the budgerigar. Since then, we've expanded the scope of our activities.

At present we are concentrating on the study the genetics of lovebirds. These little parrots are as charming and interesting as the budgerigars, and offer challenges all their own.

We've developed an interest in showing birds in judged shows. Besides being fun, this allows an entirely new level of interaction with other breeders also interested in the genetics of these birds.

The interest in budgerigar breeding and genetics led Royan, our founder, to also found the "Budgies" mailing list on the Internet for the discussion of these birds, both at a technical level and to exchange stories and general information among owners.

 From the above, you can see we do not raise these birds to sell for pets. However, we do try to find good homes for those we can't keep in the breeding program. These birds are sold to individuals interested in having them, and occasionally through carefully selected pet stores. Because of this need, all our birds are handled and played with as soon as they are old enough, to make them the best pets possible. In addition, we take temperament into consideration when breeding, where it doesn't conflict with other goals. We wish more breeders would make this a part of their programs. All too often, troublesome birds are designated "just breeders". That is a backwards approach to producing good companion birds - rather, use birds with good temperament, in hopes they'll pass that along. And saying "just breeders" implies breeding stock is less important than other birds, presumably champion show birds. Actually, there's nothing more important than an aviary's breeding stock, and we won't forget that.

Finally, our birds are not hand fed unless necessary. As with human babies, the healthiest and best adjusted are those raised not on formula, but on the food nature provided.